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Top Ten Most Useful Features For Your Band’s Music Website

Posted on February 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

Every recording artist or band out there needs a website. Whether you have one already or are in the process of building one, the following are the top ten most useful features that need to be on your music website:


  • The best way to keep your fans “locked in” is to make it appear as if you are far busier than they would ever imagine. It’s a sad trick but it’s completely true. Make sure you update your news section as often as you can. If you don’t, you may look like yesterday’s artist and not the artist of tomorrow.


  • People will respect your music and everything you are doing if they actually feel as if they know you.
  • A frequently updated blog will provide insight into what you are doing, feeling, and thinking. People who don’t even know you make music will most likely read it regardless and in turn become fans.


  • Even if someone isn’t interested in your music, they will read about your life anyway. People love to read. Reading is free.
  • It is fun hearing about other people’s lives. On top of that, it is fun informing people about your life.
  • Make sure your bio is packed full of important information about where you are from and how you became musically inclined. This is one of the top ways to show people that you are indeed human and “just like them.”


  • The most powerful tool in an artist’s arsenal is the ability to capitalize off of the fact that consumers and fans always want more. If they like “this song” then perhaps they will like “this other song” by the same artist.
  • Make sure you keep an updated record of all of the songs and albums you have done.
  • Don’t just throw everything together. Put it in chronological order from oldest to most recent. People want to observe the growth and change in your music and career.


  • When you get to the level of having a lot of fans, and trust me you will, you will want to give them space and opportunity to interact with other like-minded fans.
  • A forum/message board is a great place to build buzz and hype about yourself and it will always let you know what is on your fans’ minds. They’ll have free reign to post what they like or don’t like about your most recent composition.
  • It’s a great way to receive criticism from your most important critics: your fans.


  • What if the record label of your dream has heard your free download and wants to give you a call? What if you have no contact information presented on your website? How will they get in touch with you? How will your life change?
  • A lot of people forget this important feature and neglect to present any contact information on their websites. Make sure you are not one of them.
  • Forms of desired contact information include phone numbers, a P.O. Box, and e-mail addresses. List whatever it will take for someone to get in touch with you.


  • Let’s face it, who doesn’t like getting free stuff?
  • FREE music, FREE videos, FREE photos, FREE screensavers.
  • Give your fans what they deserve.


  • Most venues and some label executives know that having a couple of fans is not enough. They know that a couple of “great songs” is not enough. They want to know what other people are saying about you. They want to know what you feel your ‘best songs’ are.
  • Put together an electronic press kit. These usually contain press/promotional photos, short/brief videos of performances, your best songs, a brief biography, and press write-ups/testimonials.
  • The press kit should be available for download on your website OR available upon request.


  • Your photo and video galleries are your opportunities to show people the “real you.”
  • Present well taken and well lit photographs of yourself.
  • It does not quite matter what you are doing in the photos. You can be touring, in recording studio, performing, on vacation, reading, etc.
  • Present them in a well ordered and organized way and you’re set.


  • If you think it’s cool and worth knowing about, your fans may feel the same way.
  • Have a links page packed full of your favorite artists, artists you have relationships with, studios where you record and blogs you read.
  • Who knows? The sites you link to may return the favor and link back to you. It actually happens all the time.

If you implement all these features in your website, you will have a comprehensive foundation for your success online.